5 Simple Devices for Higher Security

5 Simple Devices for Higher Security

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When most people consider improving the security of their home, they automatically think about CCTV and alarm installation. It is true that these solutions are highly effective, but there are also simpler ones that can do a fantastic job as well. Check out five devices that work superbly.5 Simple Devices for Higher Security

Top Choices for Any Property

* Deadbolts - These locking devices can be added to most house doors and used together with the main door lockset. The main benefit of the deadbolt is that it is stronger compared to the traditional latch lock. It is also harder to pick, especially if it is equipped with six pins instead of five. Furthermore, when thieves have to overcome two locking devices instead of one, the chances of them giving up or failing will be much higher.

* Window locks - These are mandatory for first-floor windows and for ones that can be reached more easily such as the second-floor windows right next to the roof of an attached garage. There are different types of locking devices for the most commonly used windows such as swing, sash and casement ones. They have different levels of security and strength so you must choose carefully.

* Door closers - These are used for swing doors on most commercial premises, but they are not reserved solely for businesses. They can improve the level of security of any property considerably, as they ensure that doors will automatically close behind you. In homes, they are ideal for doors that get high traffic such as patio ones. You should know that there are closers especially designed to work with sliding doors. Closers are also recommended for increasing the security level of swing gates.

* Padlocks - These are the simplest devices for securing outbuildings of all types, sizes and makes. They work quite effectively as well. Another one of their advantages is that they are easy to take out for cleaning and maintenance. When you choose padlocks and fittings, you have to confirm that they are made from strong metal which is resistant to rust and corrosion. The overall design and the thickness of the shackle are also important.

* Door viewer - Such a device is featured in many doors available for sale. In most cases, it can be added after the installation of the door. It allows you to see who is at the door without opening it. This is a great advantage for people whose house does not have side windows and for those who live in an apartment. If you live in a house, it is equally important that you have proper exterior lighting outside your front door.

You can take advantage of all of these devices together, and enjoy higher security level altogether.

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