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Our 24-7 locksmith services are available in Ashford and the area and include emergency lock repair and rekey

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It may sound strange, needing lock replacement in the middle of the night. But when your home’s security is compromised, or you can’t get in due to a faulty lock, then it suddenly makes perfect sense. Luckily there our expert locksmiths work through even the most inconvenient hours to help you get peace of mind about your security. But these are not the only reasons why you may need help in the middle of the night or on a public holiday.

24/7 Services in United Kingdom

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One of the main reasons why you might need a locksmith at a strange hour is when you need someone who can provide an emergency lockout service that you can rely on. There are few things worse than being stranded outside of your house at midnight, trying to find a safe way in. So having a reliable smith at hand can make all the difference at that point.

Having a smith with a round the clock schedule will also come in handy if you get locked out of your car on a weekend’s getaway, or when trying to come home from a party in the middle of the night. You’d be surprised how often people lock their keys in their car by leaving them in the ignition, or simply losing them somewhere along the way. So having a trusty technician’s number in your phone is always a good call.

If you got locked out of your office or automobile, call our company any day, at any hour.

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